Bubble Tent For Sale

There are inflatable bubble tent that are transparent while others are opaque. The transparent one is for outdoor camping and offers you the pleasure to have a 360 degrees view of the surroundings. Also, there are inflatable bubble tents that are used for advertising, trade shows, exhibitions and other uses. In our website you will find the best inflatable bubble tent to fit your needs. Bubble tents have modern design, made from PVC, which protects from the rain or the uv-radiation. Design, size and colors are customizable to customer’s needs. The inflatable bubble tent is super easy to set up as it takes only 5 – 15 minutes. In order for the tent to stay inflated, there is a blower that helps maintaining the air pressure and offers fresh air six to seven times per hour, creating a comfortable climate. The energy that is consumed from blow function is similar to a household appliance. The best inflatable bubble tent we offer you, is suitable for all four seasons, no matter how harsh the weather may be. Moreover, it can keep the insects and mosquitoes away, so you will be protected from any painful bite and relaxed.

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