Inflatable Tent In USA

The inflatable bubble tent was designed by a well-known French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas. Dumas thinks that the person who uses a normal tent or camper van misses out on many things. The bubble tent is designed to give you a breathtaking natural experience of sun rise/set and a night under the stars. The tent is completely opened to the sky but the occupants cannot be seen from the outside because of a surrounding wall. There are many types of design available to purchase such as:

Cristal Bubble: Complete transparency giving a 360 degree view.

Cocooning: For private person.

Bubble Lodge: Like a villa with a built in additional space which can be used as a small bedroom or a bathroom.

Beach friendly: Puts you right next to the water.

Tree-suspended: Wraps around tree trunks to hover over the ground.

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